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Ekonomiaz editorial policy


Ekonomiaz is a biannual international review published by the Department of Economy and Finance of the Basque Government, which aims to promote the economic analysis and debate with a regional focus, paying special attention to the field itself and, specifically, to the Basque economy. To this aim there are three lines of work: a) the promotion of university scientific research, the theoretical and empirical analysis, with particular emphasis on the Economics, Institutions and Public Administration on a regional approach, b) the quality disclosure of the results in the areas analyzed, c) the contribution to improving the rationality of the process of public decision-making in economic matters, providing explanations and data bases to support the design, implementation and evaluation of the Public Administration economic policies and Basque Public Administration in particular.

Since its founding in 1985 Ekonomiaz has passed through various stages. It started out as a quarterly review that brought together structural and cyclical analyses and was closely linked to the Basque economy. Publication was subsequently changed to once every four months, with the focus on a high-quality editorial policy with regard to such highly crucial aspects as the ethics of research and publishing, the assessment process and good, professional management. This consolidated the review's position as a benchmark publication within a regional approach to the science of economics. 2014 marks the start of another new period as a six-monthly review. Without sacrificing its rigorous academic standards or its remit for the dissemination of high-quality science expressed in accessible language that makes it understandable for any reader interested in economic debate, Ekonomiaz now seeks to step up its commitment to the real problems of the economy with a view to drawing practical implications for action by the public authorities.

To that end, Ekonomiaz seeks not to limit itself to dealing with current affairs, i.e. to a short-term vision, but also to act as a tool for economic prospecting in the medium and long terms and to attempt to shed light on what the future may hold. The review therefore strives to remain as close to the forefront of knowledge as possible, and to deal with issues of special interest and relevance in the academic and political worlds from an international point of view.

The subtitle Basque Economic Review seeks to emphasise the idea that although the analyses presented in the review are not limited solely to the Basque Country, its main focus is on the Basque economy and on the prospects for regional development and innovation.

The design of the magazine contents is based on the choice and focus of specific themes, on which all articles of the monograph deal with. The choice of these topics is guided by the criterion of significance, in its double meaning of importance and relevance: the topics chosen are those currently in the center of academic, political and social debate. In addition, the journal includes the section "Other collaborations", in which original works "not expressly requested" are published on subjects of interest in the real economy and academic research, specifically applied to Basque Country.

EKONOMIAZ does not usually publish unsolicited Short Essays or Policy Letters. However, if you want to share ideas, any explanation or recommendations (3-4 pages) about the monographs topics in edition process, please mail to The Executive Management of Ekonomiaz will decide wether to publicate them.


The management of the magazine Ekonomiaz is a fundamental aspect of the editorial policy having two main bodies: the Editorial Board and Executive Management. The first body is responsible for maintaining the editorial line and the selection of topics for research, general scientific advice and the relationship with research centers and universities. The members of this Council are elected in accordance with the principles of professional excellence, academic and research capabilities, criteria of experience in managerial tasks and in the publishing of scientific journals. The Executive Management is responsible for the proper functioning of the selection, evaluation based on a system of anonymous double evaluation (peer review) and publication of the papers. Finally, the Advisory Board has the function of supporting and advising the Editorial Board on quality and international projection of the journal and will work closely with the Executive Management.

Ekonomiaz complies with the requirements of the magazines Catalog Latindex, in which there are only journals, previously classified and selected according to international standards of editorial quality, which are pre-tested and agreed by the System Latindex. These criteria are used by the database DICE (Dissemination and Editorial Quality of Spanish Journals of Humanity, Social Sciences and Law), which aims at providing knowledge and consultation of some editorial features of the Spanish journals related to Humanities and Social Sciences more closely linked to quality. The database DICE has been developed by CINDOC (Center of Scientific Information and Documentation) and ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation).

The magazine Ekonomiaz is considered into the first third of the best current greatest impact Economics magazines according to the evaluating criteria of scientific journals INRECS (Education and Science Ministry) and RESH (Spanish Journals of Humanity and Social Sciences). Ekonomiaz also is included in CARHUS Plus + 2014, CIRC. Integrated classification of scientific journals (with a value higher than D), Dialnet, EconLit, LATINDEX (catalogue), MIAR SHERPA / RoMEO, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), in RePec, the open access world's largest digital library, and from July of 2018 in Scopus.

Each edition has 400 copies which are distributed by subscription, most of them institutional customers: libraries, government offices, colleges and other university centers, consultancies, corporations and individuals.


All monograph articles of the Ekonomiaz are open access in full text and free available on our web-site: Web Ekonomiaz according to Budapest Open Access Initiative, BOAI. The journal does not charge for delivering or publishing articles. It´s a review without APC (Article Processing Charges).

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