Departamento de Hacienda y Economía

Papers accepted to publish

The final version of those papers accepted but pending to assign the number of the monographic in which they will be published, shall be shared at this website until the inclusion in the suitable volume of the journal.

Papers will be cited by the acceptance date and they will appear as follows:

AUTHORS (year): “Title of paper”. Ekonomiaz. Revista vasca de Economía, acceptance date: (year/month/day).


Nº 101.- ( I-2022) "Inclusive Growth" (Deadline ended) . Coordinated by Olga Cantó (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares). Publication date: Juin 2022.

Nº 102.- (II-2022) "Kibs and knowledge transfer from an internationalization perspective" (Deadline ended). Coordinated by Ian Miles (U. Manchester) and Jean Pierre Seclen (Pontificia U. Católica del Perú). Publication date: December 2022.

Nº 103.- ( I-2023) "Quality of public finances. Coordinated by Jorge Onrubia" (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) (Deadline 2022/06/30). Publication date. Juin 2023.