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Ekonomiaz, Basque Economics Journal  
Biannual international review published since 1985 by the Basque Government for economic analysis and debate, with special attention to themes which affect the Basque Economy. ISSN-0213-3865 / / E-ISSN 2340-4051


Over the past two decades, KIBS have been one of the most dynamic segments within the service sector, not only in developed economies but also in developing economies. They are characterized by offering professional, technological or creative services of high added value to other companies and the public sector. They have a high proportion of skilled labor that performs highly-skilled work with intensive use of information and communication technologies. KIBS have always played an essential role in innovation as carriers, producers and transmitters of knowledge in innovation systems, but they are increasingly playing a greater role in the internationalization of their clients, where access to knowledge offered by KIBS may have a critical impact on the international competitiveness of companies. New sources of information and knowledge are required for companies to successfully compete and grow in markets in which they have little or no prior knowledge. This special issue, which includes local and international contributions, focuses on the important role that KIBS play in the internationalization of companies, as well as in their innovation processes, with the aim of expanding knowledge in this emerging field of research.