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DONOSTIA-SAN SEBASTIÁN    17, 18 and 19 June 2003


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Its position as an acknowledged landmark in terms of competitiveness, quality and innovation mean that the Basque Vocational Training system is the accepted “way in” to a changing job market requiring qualified professionals capable of responding to its characteristic features of evolution and innovation.

Thanks to the implication and responsibility of our Vocational Training Centres, we are able to participate in an international discussion forum with up-to-date training methods constantly developing at the technological, methodological and management model levels, capable of responding to the “technological transfer” between centres and companies in a challenge and achievement enriching the training and productive environments serving as the setting for vocational training.

The axes of this Congress endeavour to establish a forum at which centres in Europe can discuss, analyse and exchange experiences, while listening to what the companies have to say with a view to setting today’s vocational training within a competitive and demanding economic and social context in which the productive and training environments share an increasing number of common elements and realities.



To introduce and compare a variety of realities related to new technologies such as tools for the transfer of knowledge in Vocational Training Centres.

To discuss achievements, future challenges and the possibility of participating in technological transfer between centres and companies.

To give an account of experiences related to recognition of the professional competence demanded in society.

To serve as an open, international forum at which to exchange experiences, projects and methodologies.

To jointly promote job openings between Vocational Training Centres in different countries.

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