Departament of Education

Vocational Training Basque Plan
Strategic lines: introduction

The 1997 Basque Vocational Training Plan represented a significant break with the outdated concept of training goals and procedures in the professional sphere. It sought to integrate and link the different training offers in order to meet the diverse qualification needs of our human resources. At the same time it addressed the need to place priority on detecting training needs, reinforced by co-ordinated action on the part of the agents active in the areas of training and production. The plan also stressed the creation of flexible and diversified structures capable of co-ordinating and integrating the efforts undertaken in different spheres.

Taking the above into consideration, the present situation of vocational training in the Basque Country is the outcome of a profound transformation fuelled by major organizational and financial efforts, putting vocational training on a better footing in the framework of a changing society. This has also provided us with the experience and stability needed to undertake the task of updating certain objectives and broadening others. The new Basque Vocational Training Plan 2004/2007 is conceived as a strategic task of adapting the structures and activities already in place to the new changes detected. This involves reshaping already existing plans and processes in order to keep up with changes in technology, markets, competitors and values, and to try to penetrate other emerging fields by using new instruments and tools.

The journey initiated seven years ago in the field of vocational training marked a major change in the concept of vocational training. Based on fresh ideas and efficiency, without disregarding tradition and history, this new concept and innovative schemes have placed our vocational training system among the best in Europe.

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