VI Employment Congress


Jesús Mari Ordóñez Orzaiz

Jesús Mari Ordóñez Orzaiz

Graduate in Computer Science from the University of the Basque Country and qualified in Business Management and Administration at the Escuela Europea de Administración de Empresas.

He is currently head of the employability service at Lanbide, the Basque employment service.

He has headed several special employment centres (1991-1999), worked as a computer expert at the regional office of the ONCE charity in the Basque Country (1989-1991) and head of IT at the Basque government department of work and social security (1987-1989).

He has taken part as an expert in European Union collaboration missions in Tunisia (PARTNERSHIP PROJECT BETWEEN TUNISIA, SPAIN AND GERMANY: SUPPORT FOR EMPLOYABILITY OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES) and in Uruguay (strengthening inter-institutional coordination to implement a national career guidance service system).

In the field of employment and disability, he took part in different European HORIZON projects in the 90s. Representative of the Basque autonomous community in SISPE, the public employment service information system.