VI Employment Congress


Begoña Etxebarria

Begoña Etxebarria

A graduate in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Deusto (1984). Her whole career has been linked to the Novia Salcedo foundation, which she has headed since 1987, the aim of which is to boost young people's employability.

In her working life she has specialised in areas related to management, and areas associated with the foundation's work, including: EFQM management model (1995), systemic and prospective thinking (Bilbao Metrópoli 30-Prospektiker- Michel Godet, 2005), and the microeconomics of regional and business competitiveness - MOC (Harvard- University of Deusto 2007).

Her experience and professional training have enabled her to work to improve young people's skills for their personal and professional growth, as well as understanding the importance of businesses and regions in achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals.