GAZES - an analytical reading of the data of the Statistics for the Creative Industries (2017)


It will be a biennial operation, like the Statistics of the Arts and Cultural Industries. Both have shared objectives and methodology. They are two tools which allow us to discover the fundamental characteristics of the Cultural and Creative Industries in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (CAE). In this case, it limits itself to agents who galvanise the so-called creative industries of the CAE from the private sector: 419 agents from the fashion, design, architecture, language industries, advertising and video game sectors. We insist that it is the first edition of the statistics, thus completing the study that the Basque Observatory of Culture has been carrying out since 2007 in the field of the Arts and the Cultural Industries.

The first chapter is devoted to presenting the big hitters of these sectors: how many agents make up the map, the jobs they generate and their territorial location. It is an overall panorama. Later on, an analysis of its industrial dimension and its sustainability is carried out; of its internal asymmetries and its sectoral profiles; of its internationalisation and, finally, of the distribution of its jobs from the gender perspective.

The preliminary work to take on this study of preparation and refinement of the starting censuses has allowed us to devote 2018 to field work to collect information. In 2019, analysis, refinement and exploitation of the results were carried out, and are presented here.