Departamento de Cultura y Política Lingüística

"Open Conference - CCIs and Innovation Contrast" Jardunaldia


25-26 de octubre de 2023


Bizkaia Aretoa (UPV/EHU)



A platform for discussion on CCIs and Innovation. A global study on innovation ecosystems involving over 20 regions will be presented. This is part of the Creativity and Innovation Tour.

The Department of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government has launched the second phase of the CCIs and Innovation CONTRAST project (CONTRAST II).

This second phase of the project includes the design and implementation of a global study on innovation ecosystems and the organisation of a final conference which will take place on the 25th and 26th October in Bilbao.

Internationally recognised experts


Pier Luigi Sacco

Director of the Policy Optimizer of the EIT Culture & Creativity


Valentina Montalto

Independent consultan & UNESCO expert


Luca dal Pozzolo

Co-funder and responsible for Research of Fitzcarraldo Foundation


Cinzia Lagioia

Director of the Puglia Creative District


Jenny Tingvall Kornmacher

Developer of cultural and creative industries and international relations at Region Skane


Nico Degenkolb

Senior Consultant Cultural Creative Industries Programmes at Goethe-Institut and Interim Action Programme director "Value Impacter" at EIT Culture Creativity

The aims of this project are as follows:


To study regional contexts of innovation in the CCIs, to identify environmental elements that favour the development of innovative projects.


To examine cases of innovation among the CCSIs in each region, to know their specificities, their innovative profile as well as their position according measurement standards.


Carry out a cross-sectional analysis with the aim of extracting typologies of environments favourable to innovation, profiles of innovative agents and design a scorecard of innovation indicators to monitor and evaluate innovation in CCSIs in the future.

For this, 21 regions from around the world have been selected and consulted through an original methodology.

With the study it is intended to:

Learn about the innovation ecosystem of each of the participating regions.

Analyse the organizations and innovation projects in each region.

Identify the trends, characteristics, and typologies that make these organizations innovative and pioneers in the sector.

The results of this global study, currently in development, will be presented at the CONTRAST Open Conference, which will be organised in Bilbao on the 25th and 26th October. This event will be also the opportunity to learn from key experts on CCI and innovation at global level, as well as to jointly reflect on the specific of innovation in the cultural and creative sectors, R&D and R&D&I processes and measurement of innovation in the CCIS.

The CONTRAST Open Conference will also be part of the Creativity and Innovation Tour. The Co-Location Centre (CLC) South West of the EIT Culture & Creativity, the Basque Government and the European Creative Businesses Network (ECBN) join forces to offer you a 3-day programme to dive deep into Creativity and Innovation, connecting Bilbao and Barcelona, two vibrant cities paving the way for a major transformation of the Cultural and Creative Sectors.

CONTRAST Open Conference - Key information:


2023ko urriaren 25-26a


Bizkaia Aretoa (UPV/EHU)



CONTRAST II build on the work done by local and international experts in the first phase of the project, implemented during 2021. Further information and the results of the first phase of CONTRAST project can be accessed here.