Departament of Education

Sustainability and educational intervention. Sustainable School Honorary Certificate

The Pilot Learning Center in Pedernales (CEEP) has aimed to promote values in favour of a social model based on sustainability, which happen to be the same as the ones in the document: Basque Strategy for sustainable development 2002-2020.

CEEP has been working towards sustainabily in education since 1982, since it is one of the pilot programmes in The Basque Country as well as at the national level. Their task consist on promoting new social scenarios in more than 100 educational centers of compulsory education, working with more than 3.200 students and with more than 180 teachers per course.

The work of CEEP is based on a teaching-learning process model, relating to the principles of education towards sustainability. Pupils, as well as the teaching staff, have the opportunity to live through the process, to act consequently and to be a reference in their respective social areas. At the same time, a way to spread this lifestyle to the educational community is provided.

It must be emphasised that, in the last few years one of the courses of action has been to implement the adapted curriculums at schools that support The Agenda 21. At the same time, they promote the integration of schools that are not in the Agenda 21 Programme, showing the possibilities that this can offer to the entire educational community.

It must be mentioned that CEEP developes other significant areas of work such as, creating new materials, work models, publications, courses and international accredited seminars.

Due to this, in July 2013, The Pilot Learning Center in Pedernales (CEEP) received the Sustainable school Honorary Certificate in recognition of their hard work thorough their academic career.