Departament of Education

Sustainability and educational intervention. Sustainable School Honorary Certificate

The Urdaibaiko Ingurumen Hezkuntzako Proiektua center (UIHP) aims to educate in values that favor a model of society based on sustainability. In this sense, it is aligned with the objectives collected in the Document for the Development of the Commitments provided for in the 2030 Environmental Framework Program. (Programa Marco Ambiental 2030 (leiho berri batean irekitzen da))

SESZ (now known as Urdaibaiko Ingurumen Hezkuntzako Proiektua) continues to work since 1982 for sustainability, and the result of the work done in this long career, today it is well known and recognized in education for sustainability in Euskal Herria and in the state. His work is to open new social scenarios, working each course with about 60 mandatory education centers, some 2.200 students and about 135 teachers.

The Urdaibako Ingurumen Hezkuntzako Proiektua Educational Center is consistent with the principles of education for sustainability. Both teachers and the students of the educational centers have the opportunity to enter this teaching-learning process to undertake in accordance with what has been learned and give an example in the environment in which they live. It also opens the way for the dissemination of this model of life throughout the educational community.

It should be noted that, in recent years, one of the actions has been the realization of curricular adaptations for the UIHP stay of those schools that develop the 2030 school agenda (leiho berri batean irekitzen da). Likewise, the integration into the A30E of the schools that are not In the program, showing the possibilities it can offer to the entire educational community.

Mention that the UIHP School Center develops other significant lines of work such as the elaboration of materials, work models, publications, courses and presentations in international frameworks.

Therefore, in June 2013 the Urdaibaiko Ingurumen Hezkuntzako Proiektua center (UIHP) received the Honorary Certificate of Sustainable School in recognition of the work done throughout its career.