Departament of Education

Sustainability and educational intervention. Presentation

The teachers of the Department of Education of the Basque Government have been working since 1982 with other collaborators in the center called Urdaibaiko Ingurumen Hezkuntzako Proiektua located in Busturia, in the Urdaibai biosphere reserve (also known as the Busturia School Experimentation Center). Its fields of work are research and testing and its objective is to guide teachers and students towards a lifestyle based on sustainability.

Its objectives are mainly to develop awareness, awareness, knowledge, change of attitude and individual and collective action for the environment. Here the students have the opportunity to develop research related to the environment, and the teachers, in turn, to create new materials and pedagogical experiences.

The teaching staff of the Department of Education carry out this project on secondment following a selection process.

  • Lines os work

    • Experimentation

      • Environmental education work projects
      • Workshops
    • Research in environmental education

  • Location

UIHP (BBK Urdaibai Zentroa), Barrio Abiña, s/n

48350 Busturia (Bizkaia)

  • Contact


Phone number: +0034 94 687 10 11