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Seminar on Basque and Information technology (video)

The  Indicator System of the Basque (EAS) organized a seminar on Basque and Information technology (ICT) on October 27 of 2021, in Donostia/San Sebastian, at Carlos Santamaria Center. The following speakers took part in the session: Maite Goñi, board director of the Special Committee to Promote Basque Language in Digital Environment of the Basque Advisory Committee; Galder Gonzalez, member of the Basque Association of Wikipedia writers; Olatz Arregi and Xabier Arregi, members of group Ixa at University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV); Josune Zabala, director of Language research and Coordination of the Basque Government; and Jon Aizpurua, foreman of Planning and Study service of the Department of Language Policy of the Basque Government.