Kultura eta Hizkuntza Politika Saila

What is EAS?

The Sistema de Indicadores del Euskera (EAS) consists of a series of indicators that describe the social situation of the Basque language wherever it is spoken. Designed in a planned and systematic manner, it is fed and updated with data on an ongoing and organized basis. EAS aims to depict and disseminate the situation and the evolution of the Basque language, and it should also serve to provide a detailed explanation of the development of Euskera in the different areas of society at a given time, as well as its evolution over time.

The characteristics of EAS are as follows: it is of public utility; conceived with an ongoing vocation of public service; based on the widest possible political, social and technical consensus; the information it publishes periodically should be easy to understand; it is mainly quantitative, although the qualitative aspect can also be present; it covers the territories where the language is spoken, but not forgetting that the current globalized world often goes beyond geographical borders; it will take into account the different levels of the Administration (government, territorial and district administrations, municipal councils…) depending on the competencies and responsibilities for intervention of each of these levels in the area of language.

The sponsors of the EAS project are the Basque Government, Euskarabidea of the Government of Navarre, the Public Office of the Basque Language in Iparralde and the territorial administrations of Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.