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This newsletter includes relevant news on Health Technology Assessment and Health Services Research. Since 2014 in electronic format only.

Assessment reports

Assessments reports try to give comprehensive information on specific topics, responding to demands coming from decision makers in the Basque Country.

They consist on processes that involve an analysis of needs and the situation in the Basque Country, synthesis of evidence and elaboration of recommendations, which are sometimes in the form of clinical practice guidelines. When it becomes necessary, depending on the perspective of analysis, scenarios for the applicability of the technologies and economic studies are provided to better aid decision makers

Osteba reviews or Mini HTA

Responding to urgent needs for information, Osteba provides a synthesis of available evidence, without necessarily context or analysis of scenarios for application and providing recommendations.

Osteba responds to demands for information on partial aspects of what could be a full evaluation.

Clinical practice guidelines and Other Evidence Based Products

Evidence based recommendations for clinical practice.

OEBP They are scientific evidence based products different from the clinical practice guidelines that, due to their characteristics, complement these in the decision making process in the health field.

Osteba answers

Rapid response to requests for information raised by the Department of Health and the Basque Health Service (Osakidetza). Response in which Osteba performs mainly a bibliographic review without interpretation of results.

The search for information is mainly focused on secondary sources, and is aimed at identifying the most relevant studies at the time of its preparation, so it does not imply a systematic or exhaustive review on the subject.

Publications from other HTA agencies

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