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  Xenpelar Centre for Documentation (XDZ)




   Bertsolari Elkartea got underway in 1985, its official bylaws drawn up two years later in 1987. Afterwards, partly due to the fact that a number of people involved in bertsolarismo are not actually bersolaris, the organisation changed its name to Bertsozale Elkartea (Association of Bersolari Enthusiasts) .


  • To promote and support bertsolarismo.
  • To build up the general bertsolarismo archive.
   To meet these goals, the organisation focuses its work on three areas:
  • Transmission: Organising berso schools , specifying curriculum, fomenting oral culturel, publications ...
  • Dissemination: Adapting bersolarismo to the times. Even though certain types of berso sessions or environments may disappear, bersos must be subject to new fields and activities.
  • Media: Making sure that bersos are represented on television, radio and in the press.
  • Research: Bersolarismo lends itself to research possibilities. The University has yet to investigate this area, but it is essential that it become involved.
Xenpelar Centre for Documentation (XDZ)

   XDZ is one of Bertsozale Elkartea's most treasured departments. Its purpose is to bring together the entire bersolarismo corpus and organise it so that it is user-friendly. Information on bersolarismo is provided in every possible format: audio, video, press dossiers, photographs, books, posters, stickers, t-shirts, etc.
   More than 300 people a year visit the XDZ office, which is located in 31 de Agosto Street in San Sebastián. Visitors include university students, berso fans, event organisers, media professionals, and association members.


    Most of the berso sessions put together in the Basque Country are organised by local residents on a grassroots level. Bertsozale Elkartea, through its Lanku programme, provides support for organisers, offering the painstaking professional care which bersolarismo deserves.
   In addition to organisational tasks, it also offers new formats for berso sessions.

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