Department of Culture and Language Policy

CCIs in the Basque Country


This publication takes a chronological journey through the evolution of the cultural and creative sector in the Basque Country in recent years: from initial studies and institutional efforts to understand and support the CCI sector, to conceptual and sectorial delimitation, development of new qualitative and quantitative studies and implementation of new supporting instruments in different fields, such as innovation and internationalisation. Initiatives such as the ones carried out under the framework of the CREADIS3 project or Basque District of Culture and Creativity (BDCC), conclude the publication and lay forth lines for the future in the Basque Government's institutional investment in CCIs as a driver for innovation and socioeconomic development.

The initial phase, or phase 0, introduces the origins that gave way to the intense work conducted in the following years to solidify the Basque cultural and creative sector, work begun around the year 2012. Next, phase I introduces initial qualitative and quantitative approaches to the reality of CCIs in the Basque Country (2012-2015), followed by phase II, going further in depth in the knowledge of this reality (period 2016-2018). Phase III (the year 2019) shows actions and initiatives to design and lay the foundation for future development of the cultural and creative sector, particularly under the framework of the RIS3 strategy (Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation) in the Basque Country. Lastly, phase IV (2020-2023) introduces the Basque District of Culture and Creativity (BDCC), as a one-stop-shop project and service portfolio for CCIs that is integrated and multi-scope.

In each phase, in addition to reviewing the period's main milestones to build a detailed chronology of development of CCIs in the Basque Country, opinions from both public and private agents in Basque CCIs and good practises related to the CCIs are included.

Lastly, this publication seeks to raise visibility for the vast diversity and wealth in the Basque cultural and creative sector through the different sectors and all throughout the Basque region. Its content is also a way to acknowledge CCIs' engagement and innovative contribution to the Basque Country's socioeconomic development.

This timely recognition of CCIs’ value constitutes the fundamental basis on which the consolidation of the Basque Country, as an innovative and creative country, must be founded. This is, a long-term commitment, built day by day.

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