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Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) are undoubtedly a strategic and developing sector in Europe. In recent years, numerous statistics have shown the growing relevance of this sector and its impact on the development of the economy and the revitalization of cities. In the case of Euskadi, and within the new European innovation strategy called RIS3 (Regional Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization) incorporated in the 2020 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, the strategic priorities for smart specialization in Euskadi have been identified, among the which is the territory of opportunity called Creative Euskadi .

For this reason, a new interdepartmental program has been launched (Department of Culture and Language Policy, Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures, and Presidency Department), which addresses the field of culture and creativity through innovation, and which is based on the following axes:

1. Creadis3 - Smart Creative Districts +

2. The figures of the CCIs in Euskadi +

3. Aid programs +

4. Networking +

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