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  • André Leroi-Gourhan“The most perfect assemblage of horses in the entire quaternary art” Discover Ekain
  • Paleolithic cave art aliveExceptional conservation parietal ensembleDiscover Ekain
  • UNESCO World Heritage SiteUNESCO, July 7th 2008Discover Ekain

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Experiment Ekainberri

The replica of Ekain , Ekainberri , is located in the Sastarrain walley, just 600 meters from the original cave and a few meters from the center of Zestoa. The replica Ekainberri allow us to enjoy the artistic legacy of the inhabitants of this valley during the Paleolithic, an ensemble of works of art that puts the Ekain cave in the world elite of caves with rock art, both for its quality and its exceptional conservation status.

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