Department of Culture and Language Policy

General Outcomes: The ICCs & Innovation Contrast Project.

Pdf cover for: The ICCs & Innovation Contrast project general outcomeThe CCIs and INNOVATION CONTRAST project is developed by the Department of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government, with the participation of key local actors such as the Basque Observatory of Culture (BOC).

These sessions with international experts are part of the efforts to create spaces for the exchange of good practices and knowledge development. This initiative tries to deal with the following detected issues:

  1. Low performance of the Basque Country in terms of indicators of innovation in the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) sector.
  2. Lack of application of the major European statistical frameworks at the regional level, where few data is collected for the innovation measurement indicators.

In accordance with these issues, the following objectives are proposed for the project:

General Objective

  • The general objective of these sessions is to obtain knowledge that enables the development of policies and initiatives to support innovation in the cultural and creative sector (CCS).

Specific Objectives

  • Agree on the conceptual framework of innovation in the CCIs sector: what is and what is not innovation in this sector?
  • Identify successful cases at the international level.

We would like to acknowledge the participation of the stakeholders involved in this project:

  • The agents participating in the RIS3 Euskadi Creativa 2020-2021 group
  • The experts participating in the 3 international working groups during the first semester of 2021
  • and all participants in the Open Conference in November 2021 in Bilbao.

Without their participation and valuable contributions, the development of this project would not have been possible. Eskerrik asko!

CCIs_Innovation_Contrast_Project_2021.pdf (PDF, 1 MB) (leiho berri batean irekitzen da) [pdf, 1,94 MB]