IV Employment Congress 2021


Raul Arza

Raul Arza

Secretary General of UGT-Euskadi

Secretary of EPSV Itzarri (Voluntary Insurance Provider), since 2012

UGT representative on the Board of Directors of Lanbide

He has represented UGT in the Basque Economic and Social Council since 2005

Secretary for Organisation and Communication of UGT-Euskadi, since he was elected at the 10th Congress (2009-2013)

President of the Juan de Los Toyos Foundation, which aims to recover the historical memory of UGT in the Basque Country and Basque trade unionism. He has been involved in establishing the foundation and in its activities since 2009

Member of the Board of Directors of EITB (2005-2009)

Spokesperson for the PSE-EE from 1995 to 2002 in Llodio. Member of the General Assembly of Alava from 1983 to 1987 and member of the Basque Parliament in the second parliamentary term

Trade Union Delegate of UGT (1990-1998), he was Chairman of the Works Council for INEM workers from 1994 to 1998

Lanbide Office worker, Llodio (Alava)