IV Employment Congress 2021



Maru Menendez

Deputy Director General of the State Public Employment Service-SEPE State Secretariat for Employment and Social Economy Ministry of Labour and Social Economy

A member of, CEDEFOP Board of Directors, REFERNET National Authority, ACVT-DGVET COM, SNE General Council, FUNDAE Board of Trustees and State Training Commission

Technical Advisor to SGPAE (Deputy Directorate for Active Employment Policies) (From06.06.2018 to 06.08.2018)

Head of Organisation at SGPAE (From 12.01.2017 to 05.06.2018)

Head of Follow-up and Control at SGPAE (From 01.07.2016 to 11.01.2017)

Head of Support Unit at SGPAE (From 23.02.2015 to 30.06.2016)

Member of the Regional Parliament. Spokesperson for the Socialist Parliamentary Group.Assembly of Madrid and Senator by regional designation (From 12.06.2017 to 23.02.2015)

Senior Technician N22 (From 22.11.2000 to 12.06.2007)

Graduate as Permanent Staff (From 01.05.1988 to 21.11.2000)