IV Employment Congress 2021


Isabel Neira

Isabel Neira

Lecturer at the University of Santiago de Compostela USC

Technical Director of the Observatory of Entrepreneurship GEM Spain and the GEM-Galicia Group

Co-director of the Galician Laboratory of Innovation and Social Economy

She has served as Advisor to the EGTC-GNP for projects related to the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion and as Advisor to ANECA. President of AEDE (Association of Economics of Education). She has directed several research projects on entrepreneurship, women, and the labour market

Dr Neira has completed research stays at the University of Kent, ISAG (Higher Institute of Administration and Management) Oporto, Institut de Recherche de L'Economie de L'Education (IREDU)-Dijon (France). She has participated as a guest lecturer in Valença, Oporto, Ferrol, Vigo, Seville, Master Lecture Santo Tomé (USC), Vilnius, Grodno and Minsk

Her lines of research include Human, Social and Cultural Capital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Behavioural Economics