IV Employment Congress 2021


Eduardo Arechaga

Eduardo Arechaga

General manager. Confebask

Graduate in Economics and Business Sciences from the Faculty of Economics of Sarriko (University of the Basque Country- UPV-EHU) and Masters in Business Management and Administration (M.B.A) from the School of Business of the I.E.S.E, belonging to the University of Navarre. Graduate, as well, from the Deusto University of San Sebastián, in studies imparted in cooperation with Harvard University, in “Competitiveness and Regional Development”

He was associate professor of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of Sarriko

Nowadays, he is general manager of the Basque Entrepreneurial Confederation – Confebask

He is very knowledgeable about the Basque industry and owing to his responsibilities in Confebask, he is the contact person with the Basque Public Administrations in the plans of restructuring and entrepreneurial relaunch and has taken an active part in the design and development of the Industrial Policies implemented in the Basque Country and the remaining public policies in favour of the Basque companies