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Ekonomiaz, Basque Economics Journal  
Biannual international review published since 1985 by the Basque Government for economic analysis and debate, with special attention to themes which affect the Basque Economy. ISSN-0213-3865 / / E-ISSN 2340-4051

100.II/2021: COVID-19. Socio-economic effects of the health crisis and recovery measures

Covid-19 phenomenon, has had and indeed continues to have an unprecedented impact on the global economy and on society. Its overall effects on health and its social and economic consequences, in a context of uncertainty, led governments to face unimaginable challenges in healthcare, economic and social matters in striving to prevent the virus from spreading. Healthcare was the top priority, and budgetary efforts on the part of all governments had to be aligned with healthcare needs. As the economy fell dormant and took an evident downturn, measures of all kinds were taken to support those who were hardest hit by the crisis and to uphold business activity face-to-face and via working from home. This monographic contains eleven articles that analyse the pandemic, its effects on the ecnomy and the measures and instruments set in place to counteract its impact, some of them in the context of the Basque Country.