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#45 winter 2015




At a simple glance art and sustainability might seem completely remote concepts, lacking any connection. However, artistic expression represents a practical tool with which to tackle different problems which the environment must face.

Many artists have been swept by a current which seeks aesthetic or creative awareness and tries to provoke a reflection on social and ecological values. Protection of biodiversity or respect for the environment have acquired a particular dimension in the framework of artistic creation which can well be applied to education.

Children learn by interacting, manipulating, exploring and indeed, they are the ones who must become responsible for the fate of the planet. Our work should focus, therefore, on giving them the necessary tools so that both lines merge into one education with a view to learning values through practice.

Cristina Uriarte Toledo
Autonomous Government Minister for Education, Linguistic Policy and Culture

Ana Isabel Oregi Bastarrika
Autonomous Government Minister for Environment and Territorial Policy