Finding a House

Normally there are two ways of acquiring a home: by purchasing or renting. In the case of purchase, the contract of sale is registered publicly.This means that the contract is signed before a notary public and it is then registered at the Land Registry. In the case of renting, a private document is usually drawn up between the two parties.

Housing can be considered freehold, social or public. There are public information services (Municipal Housing (Viviendas Municipales) and the Basque Country Housing List (Etxebide) as well as estate agencies and private builders.

Public assistance for accommodation

State aid is available for purchasing and renting. To avail of public grants in the Basque Country, you must enter your details in the Basque Country Public Housing Register. The application form must include basic information about the family members that hope to share the new home.

Housing applicants should contact the Basque Public Housing Service - Etxebide and applications can be sent to:

Further information


  • Buying a new house (two procedures).
  • Buying a used house.
  • Renting a protected dwelling.
  • Renting a social dwelling.
  • Renting a used dwelling.


Anyone can apply for public housing aid who:

  • Is over 18 years old, or is an emancipated minor.
  • Is registered.
  • Has not obtained protected accommodation over the two years preceding the application, except in the case of rented accommodation.
  • Can demonstrate a minimum income that does not exceed the maximum income. For renting, the minimum is 3,000 Euros per annum and for purchasing it is 9,000 Euros per annum. For public housing, the maximum income is 15,100 Euros per annum, 21,100 Euros for public housing built privately and 33,000 Euros for public housing under general legislation and 43,000 Euros for public housing sold at a fixed price.

Data are checked by the Authorities.

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