Education for pupils under 16 years old

Education for pupils under 16 years old

Education is compulsory and free for all people between 6 and 16 years old, and is divided into two stages: primary education and compulsory secondary education. There is also a wide range of offers, many of them also free, for 0 - 6 years and those over 16 years old. The teaching of religion is not compulsory at any centre.

In the Basque Country there are public and semi-private schools where a minor can be enrolled. Any school can be chosen as long as there are places available. There is no single sex education in these schools.

Applicants may also choose the language model There are three models: A (basically in Spanish, with Basque as a subject), B (approximately half the subjects are in Spanish and the other half in Basque) and D (basically in Basque, with Spanish as a subject). Another language is studied in all cases (English), and occasionally a further language (French).

How to enrol

Applicants go to the centre to enrol during the year. The centre sends the enrolment application to the provincial Schooling Commission, which accepts it if there is space at the centre, or redirects it to another centre.

Applicants simply fill in the appropriate form (Admission of immigrant students) and, once they have been accepted, the form for another centre for the following year.

For the following year there is an ordinary pre-enrolment period which normally commences in February. Applicants must fill in two documents (Enrolment Application Form for the centre, and a Questionnaire for parents), and these are presented at the centre of first choice (they may choose up to three centres in order of preference). They must also present a photocopy of the Family Register.

It is advisable for applicants to be registered as resident and have available a copy of their registration, photos of the children, and a copy of their vaccination record. It is also useful to have an income certificate.

Centres place students in the year of studies in accordance with their age, and also with certain adjustments in line with their academic level or educational requirements.

From 3rd year of (ESO) (around 15 years of age), validation of previous school studies can be requested. The National Inspection Body, Delegation in the Basque Country is where this is handled . The appropriate documents should be presented and a fee is required.

Higher Basque Country State Inspection Authority:

Centres to enrol pupils between 0 and 16 years old

Education for pupils over 16 years old

This education is not compulsory, there is a wide educational choice available in the Basque Country, some of which is almost for free.

For intermediate and bachillerato education, students must accredit they have completed compulsory secondary education or equivalent.

Foreign nationals accredit and convalidate their studies in accordance with agreements with their countries of origin. They must apply to the Higher Basque Country State Inspection Authority with documentation to accredit their studies and pay a fee.

Higher Basque Country State Inspection Authority:

They must be able to accredit they have passed their bachillerato for higher studies.

As in primary education, applicants may choose the language model. Another language (English) is studied in all cases, and occasionally a further language (French).

There are other professional training courses called Initial Professional Qualification Courses (PCPIs) that do not award a technical qualification. These courses are aimed at 16 to 18 year olds who have not passed the obligatory secondary education course (under certain exceptions some 15 year olds may be admitted to these courses). These courses are subject to particular regulations and registration periods. Students who pass the Initial Professional Qualification courses are entitled to the Secondary Education Certificate, if the student has passed all the modules voluntarily.

How to enrol

In the case of intermediate and higher Training Cycles and Bachillerato, around April or May candidates present themselves for pre-enrolment at the teaching centre they hope to attend. They must fill in the Enrolment Application Form at the centre, and submit a copy of an identity card or passport. It is advisable for them to be registered as resident, and it would also be useful to submit an income certificate. Following final assessment, the enrolment period enrolment period commences around July.

The period is specific in the case of Professional Initiation.

Centres for Intermediate and Higher Education and Bachillerato (candidates must have passed Compulsory Secondary Education).

Professional Initiation Centres for pupils over 16 years old (it is not necessary to have passed Compulsory Secondary Education).

Enrolment outside the ordinary period

To enrol outside the ordinary period, of for further information or in the event of any problems, candidates must apply to the Basque Government Territorial Education.

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