Adult education and learning spanish / basque

Adult education is available for free in particular centres. The education offered by the Basque Country Adult Education Centres can be:

  • basic beginner’s Spanish.
  • secondary education certificate.
  • preparatory work for University access for those over 25 years old.

There are two ordinary periods of enrolment:

  • For the first four-month period: may, june and september.
  • For the second four-month period: january.

However, in the case of basic Spanish and Spanish for foreigners, students may be taken in all year if there is a place for them.

Once they have been accepted, they must provide three identity-card sized photos and a photocopy of their identity card, passport or residence permit.


Adult Education (EPA)

Basque and other languages

The Basque Government in conjunction with HABE, promotes the AISA language courses aimed at immigrants over 16 years of age who have had no contact with the Basque language and would like to start learning it.

We also have Official Language Schools as well as private and semi-private centres (Basque Language Schools/euskaltegis) that offer Basque language learning courses.

Recipients of the Basic Income who would like to learn Basque should ask the Local Social Services during the month of September about the possibility of taking a Basque language course. If the course is available, it will be funded in its entirety (from October to June).

The Official Language Schools offer as well as Basque and Spanish (for foreigners) courses and diplomas in the following languages: German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Professional training

There are a number of centres for Professional Initiation, Professional Training or secondary level Bachillerato.

Convalidation of studies

Those wishing to convalidate their studies in the country of origin should go to the Higher Basque Country State Inspection Authority:

Further information

For further information or other problems, foreigners may consult the following:

Basque Government Territorial Education - Department Immigrant Student Service

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