What to do in the case of spousal abuse

Nobody has the right to threaten you, or insult you or hurt you. Not even an immediate relative has the right to force you to have sex, or to humiliate you in public, control your access to money, or to stop you from having friends or meeting relatives.

Wherever you are from if these things are happening to you, you are a victim of abuse and are entitled to ask for help:

If you have been assaulted or think you may be in the near future, you can call the following number 900 840 111 or ask the Municipal Police, the Basque Police or the courts to protect you.

If you have been the victim of violence or you are afraid you might be, you can also call this number (900 840 111) or contact the Municipal Police or the Basque Police in person or through someone you can trust.

If you have been injured you are entitled to urgent medical attention at the heath clinic or in casualty. You will be looked after there and you will have the opportunity to explain the cause of your injuries and receive a medical report that could be extremely useful to you at a later date.

Even if you have not been injured, you can ask for help from the Social Services in the municipality in which you reside. This service will provide you with support, information on your rights and help you to get out of the situation in which you find yourself.

  • Information and guidance.
  • There are municipal apartments available to provide shelter for women who must abandon their homes and have no where else to go.
  • Psychological assistance provided by professionals specialised in this area.
  • Socieducational support for sheltered women and for those in their care.
  • Emergency economic aid for covering the basic needs of women in shelter when their income is insufficient.
  • Legal advice.

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