Departamento de Desarrollo Económico, Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente

Guide for the design of species monitoring programmes


This guide is a tool for the design of monitoring programs that will allow public administrations: 

  • Evaluate changes in the conservation status of the wild species of greatest concern. 
  • Assess progress towards the achievement of conservation and management objectives. 

The target audience of the Guide are: 

  • Public administrations (City Councils, other local entities, Provincial Councils and the Basque Government). The Guide provides them with a common tool to assess the quality of the species monitoring programs that they must or want to finance (through subsidies or public contracts).  
  • Entities and people who actively work in the collection of primary biodiversity data (volunteers and professionals). The Guide is a tool to help design better species monitoring programs, more oriented to the needs of the Basque Country.